Let’s collect your unpaid child support.

The White Law Firm helps parents collect past due child support.  Many times, our clients have tried to get assistance from the Attorney General's Office, before they come to us, but have fallen victim to the fact that the A.G.'s office has roughly five times the caseload that it can effectively handle.  This is a hard reality to face, but it is true.  However, with a private attorney like The White Law Firm, you can go after past due support that you need to take care of your kids.

We generally suggest filing a Motion To Enforce the order (often a decree of divorce) that requires the support to be paid.  We ask that the Judge hold the "deadbeat" parent in contempt of court.  This allows the Judge to apply many remedies, including jail time for the "deadbeat" parent.  The Judge may also award you your costs of court and your attorney's fees.  In our experience, just filing this Motion and having it served on the other parent is often enough to get your child's support paid quickly.  If it isn't, be prepared to go to court and to show the Judge how much should have been paid, and how much really was paid, and the dates of payments.  The A.G.'s office maintains an online record of payments, so you should be sure to print this off and bring it to The White Law Firm at the time of your initial meeting with Todd White.

The White Law Firm suggests that you not allow years of unpaid support to pile up.  Collection can be more difficult as time passes.  Also, raising children gets more expensive, as the children's needs go from simple clothes and toys, to select sports, cars, and college.  Call us at 972-771-8011 if you'd like to see how we can help you and your children to a better future.