I’ve just been served with divorce papers. Now what?

Many times, we have new clients in divorce cases who have just been served with a divorce petition.  Often, this is a shock to them.  We understand how upsetting this can be.  We urge you, though, not to let being served with divorce papers stun you so much that you do not take action.  Time is now your enemy and you need to react appropriately.

Needless to say, we suggest that you consult with an attorney as soon as you can.  We put a high priority on meeting with people who have been served as quickly as possible and usually can set an appointment in such cases within a day or so.  Find an attorney who can help you quickly.

It is important that you begin the time-consuming task of gathering financial records as soon as you can.  Your attorney will need them.  Tax returns, W-2s, and recent pay stubs are a good start.  Bank statements and credit card bills can be (and should be) printed from the internet.  This type of evidence is critical for dividing property and for setting child support and spousal support, even if it is only temporary.

If you have children, you should place the highest priority on their best interest.  What will their world look like during, and after, the divorce?  Have you considered issues related to possession times and how school will be affected?  Who will take the children to school and pick them up?  It is realistic to expect that the parent in possession can take the kids to school in the morning, or should exchanges take place the night before school?  There are many, many issues to consider.

If you find yourself in need of counsel, we can help.  Call us at 972-771-8011 or email us at [email protected].