Each week, if not each day, we speak with people here in Rockwall County who are struggling with one of life's biggest decisions -- should they file for divorce, or not?  Whether or not to divorce is an intensely personal decision.  It is not a decision that anyone else can make for a person.  No lawyer or mental health professional can make that choice for someone else, nor should they pretend to do so.

In meetings with prospective divorce clients, we often say that we are not cheerleaders for divorce.  This is true.  Divorce, even the most simple, is a painful and disruptive process.  This is especially so when there are children involved.  Due to this, a marriage should not be dissolved for insignificant reasons.  There are times, however, especially if safety issues are involved, that a divorce needs to be filed quickly.

If you would like to discuss the divorce process and gather more information about what you can expect, we can help.  If you decide that divorce is a necessity for you, we can help.  We have represented clients since 1990 and have the experience that you need.