Why is your lawyer doing that?

You have every right to ask your attorney why they are doing things in your case.  I have had cases in which the other side consistently took positions that were unreasonable and, frankly, that they could not (and did not) win. I had the impression that the client on the other side did not know that their attorney was taking these positions.

For example, recently I had an attorney oppose a routine motion I filed on behalf of my client in a post-divorce modification. It was such a routine motion that I can't recall the last time I had to have a hearing on such a motion. Well, the other attorney would not agree to our requested relief, so we had a hearing. He showed up, made a very brief argument, and lost. Our motion was granted. I left the courtroom asking myself, "I wonder if his client knows that this hearing was a true waste of time and attorney fees?"

You, the client, are the boss. You have every right to ask questions and to understand what is going on with your case. If you don't understand, ask more questions, until you get the information you need.  If you need help in Rockwall or other area counties, especially with your family law litigation, give us a call or use that handy form and send us an email right from this site.