Peace At Christmas Through Mediation

Each year, people hope for joy and peace at Christmas. "Ok, but what does a lawyer have to do with peace?" you may be asking yourselves. That is a fair question.

Our firm provides mediation services to people who are in lawsuits or other disputes of most kinds, including all types of civil litigation and all types of family law cases, including divorce and child custody. Mediation is an informal process during which all sides meet in the mediator's office (with their attorneys, if they have attorneys) and, with the assistance of the mediator, discuss various proposals and ideas aimed at reaching an agreement to settle the case. We have been successful in settling roughly 95% of cases that we have mediated.

Mediation can be a quick way to end a dispute and restore peace to your life. Mediation can be a creative process, because the parties can come up with creative and personalized solutions to their dispute and are not faced with some of the limitations that a Judge would face in applying the law to the facts of the case.

Todd White has been mediating disputes for over twenty years. He has a few mediation slots open between now and the end of this year. If you have an attorney already, discuss mediation with your attorney today. If we can be of help to you, call us at 972-771-8011.