Learn From Aretha Franklin — Get A Will

We were shocked to see that Aretha Franklin, an incredibly talented singer and a person who has certainly earned a lot of money during her lifetime, died without a will. The technical term for dying without a will is that she died intestate. When someone dies without a will, the laws of the state in which the deceased resided will likely be what determines how their assets pass and who will be in charge of making sure that deceased’s debts are paid and remaining assets distributed. In Texas, this process is called an administration. Compared to probating a will, an estate administration is cumbersome, involves multiple trips to court, and is much more expensive.

Adding to our surprise over Aretha Franklin’s lack of estate planning, is the fact that she leaves behind a special needs child. Any good estate planning attorney could have helped her to prepare for the day when she would no longer be around to provide for, and care for, her child. Now, however, it is too late.

Please check out Ms. Franklin's story at the link below and help spare your family the cost and complications that they will face, if you die without a will. Good estate planning isn’t free, of course, but it is nearly always less expensive than an estate administration. It also eliminates the stress and uncertainty that family members, already grieving the loss of a loved one, must endure. Our firm can help. Tisa L. White is a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys and is waiting to put her knowledge and experience to work for you.