Divorce and Extracurricular Activities

One area where we see ongoing conflict after divorce is in the area of extracurricular activities.  Before divorce, Bobby might have been very involved in Boy Scouts.  Both parents cooperated in getting him to and from Troop meetings and campouts.  However, after divorce, things change.  Suddenly, the Troop meetings are on "my night" or are taking up "my time" with Bobby.  And, although Bobby wants to go to Scouts, his parent entitled to possession on those nights stops bringing him.  What can the other parent do?

In many cases, the answer is not much.  The other parent can, and should, try to work out the dispute by agreement.  Perhaps the other parent could offer to pick up and deliver Bobby to Scouts or otherwise make accomodations?

The real answer is to address this problem at the time of divorce.  The parties can reach agreements, particularly through mediation, that can address issues about what activities the children will attend and how that will be accomplished.  Which parent will take the child, which parent will pay for the activity, and which activities will both sides agree that the child will absolutely be able to attend are all issues that can (and should) be considered.  It also should be established that both parents have the right to attend extracurricular activities, just as they do school activities.

Todd White, Rockwall Attorney since 1990.

It is our firm's earnest hope that parents will work together on issues such as these, so that the impact of divorce upon children can be greatly reduced.