Divorce And Standing Orders

I'm an adult leader with our local Scouts. As you probably know, the motto of Scouting is "Be prepared." This applies to your divorce, too. Why? Because of Standing Orders. Let me explain.

Standing Orders are orders that come into play immediately after a case is filed. Here in Rockwall County, ours are called "Rockwall County Standing Order Regarding Children, Property And Conduct Of The Parties." That's quite a mouthful, I know. Before you file for divorce, though, you need to read them. Carefully. You can here: Rockwall Standing Orders .

These orders are designed to protect the parties in a divorce, their children, and their property from a number of hazards. If you file the divorce, you are bound by these orders the minute that your case is filed. Your soon-to-be-ex isn't bound until they are served with your divorce petition, which should have a copy of the Standing Orders attached. So, before your case is filed, be sure you have your ducks in a row. Your attorney can help you.  Some areas you might need to think about BEFORE filing, are:

1. Do I need to change the school or day care of the children?
2. Do I need to relocate any personal property?
3. Do I need to borrow money or incur some other indebtedness beyond my normal living expenses? Do I need to close out a bank account, or transfer money to a new one?
4. Do I need to borrow or withdraw any money from my retirement account, perhaps to pay down a debt?
5. Do I need to change any utility service, including cell phones and internet?
6. Do I need to change insurance beneficiaries or change any coverage I have on people or property?

These are just a few areas that you should examine. Be sure that you know what your court's Standing Orders allow and what they prohibit. Follow those orders, and any court order, closely.